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Many weeks, I have the opportunity to pull together a brief encouragement/challenge to share with families who attend our church (we call it the “Digging Deeper”). I love writing these, because they always come down to exactly what God’s teaching me right along with everyone else! Since journeys are more fun when shared, check this out, and if you’re looking for more resources to help your faily grow together, find us on Facebook (CedarVille.tv).

Dear families,

The truth that every child is unique really smacks you in the face when you have more than one. Case in point:

Snyder Child #1: A natural-born storyteller. Since she was a baby, she’s been enamored with books. At nine, she continues devour books, uses stacks of Post-Its to record story ideas and fills notebooks with narratives she’s crafting.

Snyder Child #2: Spent years bouncing from one interest to another…about every 3.5 minutes. No long-term luck with trains, dinosaurs or blocks. We even bought him a small drum set, which he pounded ferociously…for one afternoon. Now that he’s 6, we’ve finally started recognizing trends (nature and Legos)!

That’s just determining distinctive interests. Then there are discipline techniques, learning styles and food preferences that can’t be universally applied to each child. “Figuring them out” can be daunting, but when we remember that God purposefully created each child uniquely, with special intentions, and that He wants to help us develop them, suddenly, there’s hope.

Praying for all of us as we are “students” of our children’s development!
Lauren Snyder
Directional Leader of Children’s Ministry, CedarCreek Church

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