Dear Families,

I watched an Ikea Christmas commercial this week. They asked children what they would love to get from their version of “Santa” for Christmas. Not surprisingly, the lists included an array of toys (and even a unicorn). Then they asked them what they’d love to get from their parents. These lists were very different. They included “a whole day together,” “dinner as a family,” “play more soccer with me”…in other words, SPEND TIME WITH ME.

I’m a terrible offender when it comes to distracted parenting, always busy crossing something off my to do list, putting out some fire or just browsing social media. While I’m not suggesting we completely neglect our responsibilities, I am saying that most days, we can carve out time to keep our children front and center. We know this; let’s do something about it. It doesn’t take a complete life overhaul; it can start with just 15 minutes a day to play, read, listen, compliment, pray and share. Parents, especially to your children, YOU MATTER.

If you’d like to check out the Ikea commercial, here’s the link:

Praying for amazing family connections this week!


Lauren Snyder, Directional Leader of Children’s Ministry

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